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Best Language App to Learn French

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Meta Description: Looking for the right language apps to learn French? This article covers the best options to help you grasp the language quickly and have conversations.

French is a popular language that many people wish to learn because of its beauty, cultural importance, and popularity. It is also regarded as the language of love. One of the easiest ways to learn any language is by using a language app.

Are you looking for the best language apps to learn French? Then you are in the right place. We assessed different language-learning apps and put together the best options. So, it doesn’t matter if your goal is to sharpen your French speaking skills before traveling to Paris or pass a French proficiency exam; this list of best language apps got you covered.

What Are the Best Language Apps for Learning French?

There are several language apps to learn French, but not all these apps work for everyone. Therefore, you must select the language app that suits your learning style. Also, the app should have a learning system that keeps you motivated and consistent while you study French.

Below are our top picks for the best language apps.


One of the best language-learning apps to learn French is Preply; it offers custom-made one-on-one French lessons. This will help you quickly become conversational in the language regardless of your level. How does it work? Instead of being assigned a French tutor, the language app allows you to select your French instructor based on your learning styles and preferred credentials.

So, regardless of your skills or level, French tutors on Preply will provide you with plenty of speaking and reading practice to ensure you become proficient in no time. Aside from the engaging lessons, you will receive customized homework to help develop your listening skills and vocabulary. Preply is different from other language apps,  where you pay based on a monthly or annual subscription. You pay based on the number of hours you want which costs $10 per hour.


Memrise is another excellent language app for French learners at the novice level seeking a gentle introduction to the language. Memrise methodology involves teaching language in a fun way by mixing technology with real-life language content. The app uses images, audio, visual content, and flashcards to teach French.

The flashcards feature helps students learn new French concepts by teaching them how to make connections between French words and images. Other Memrise features include classic reviews, difficult words, listening skills, speed reviews, practice exercises, and quiz-type games.

In addition, you can also learn with video clips where you watch and listen to native French speakers. Memrise offers free resources, but a monthly, yearly, or lifetime subscription is required to access more features. The subscription costs $8.49 per month, $29.99 for a year, and $119.99 for a lifetime.


Many French learning apps will teach you enough French to become conversational, but most of these apps sometimes ignore French culture. This is what makes MosaLingua a unique language app. In addition to improving your French vocabulary, the app also teaches you French culture.

MosaLingua has over 2,000 flashcards that emphasize valuable French words. The app uses the Spaced Repetition system to improve memorization and become conversational in French.

MosaLingua uses audio and visual memorization to teach common French vocabulary, verb conjugations, and phrases. The app also has features such as audio content by native French speakers, pre-recorded dialogues about daily situations, grammar essentials, and key learning tips. MosaLingua costs $9.99 per month or $59.90 yearly.


Babbel is regarded as one of the best language apps to learn French because of its interactive lessons, quality content, and customized course. Babbel French will help improve your everyday conversational skills with plenty of engaging exercises. French lessons on Babble go beyond watching an instructional video or listening to audio content.

When you learn with Babbel, you can put together phrases and practice speaking with the voice recognition system. Babbel is a conversation-based language app that aims to get you speaking from the first class. With Babbel, you can begin talking about some basic topics three weeks after beginning your French classes.

Furthermore, Babbel tracks your learning progress so that you know how well you are doing and what needs improvement. You can try Babbel for free or subscribe monthly for $11.15 or $249 for a lifetime plan.


Mondly is the perfect app for beginners who just started learning the French language. This is because Mondly French begins from the basics and teaches you every essential thing you know about the language. It also offers engaging and interactive conversations; you can practice speaking with the app’s chatbot. Furthermore, Mondly teaches you new words and phrases using virtual and augmented reality.

The platform’s design and interface are colorful and modern, making it easy to learn French in a fun environment. There is a free version of the app but limited access to some French content. However, you can subscribe to Mondly monthly, which costs about $9.99. But, if you subscribe for more months at once, you can get a discount.


Pimsleur is another language-learning app that uses audio content to teach French. The Pimsleur methodology involves the immersion method, which means you get exposed to the French language slowly. Gradually, you begin to learn how these words or phrases are used in context with any other words.

Pimsleur is great for French beginners since it simplifies French grammar and concepts to help students understand the content they hear. The language app is best for anyone who wants to learn French by immersing themselves in it without spending too much time studying.

To access these features, you have to subscribe to either the monthly all-access subscription for $20.99 or the audio-only monthly subscription for $14.95. Alternatively, you can buy the entire French course upfront, which costs about $575. However, you can use the 7-day free trial to test the app and see if it is the best choice for you.


Similar to Pimsleur, LingoPie also adopts an immersive method of learning French. For LingoPie, you learn French by watching TV shows and documentaries in French. Although, every video on the app has subtitles so that you can always click on any word for translation. In addition, you can create custom flashcards while watching the videos.

When you click on any word to get a translation, LingoPie automatically adds the word to your list. There are several videos, so you will find something to watch and words to add to your flashcard.

You can try LingoPie for free for seven days with full access to all the features and French content. However, after seven days, if you want to continue using the platform, you have to subscribe monthly for $12.00 or opt for a yearly subscription for $67.00.

Rosetta Stone

For so long, Rosetta Stone has been on the list of top language learning apps to learn new lingoes of your choice. Like Pimsleur, the language app is focused on teaching conversational French. This way, you will learn to communicate with French speakers in real-life situations.

It also adopts an immersive learning approach, meaning you don’t see any English words when you use the app. From the moment you begin using the app, you only see French. Although it can be a bit intimidating at first, it is one of the natural and realistic ways to learn French.

Other features of the app include speech recognition technology, games, practice exercise, and feedback to keep you engaged as you study and help you improve your pronunciation. The language app offers a three-day trial, but you have to subscribe to gain access to the French content and the app’s features. You can opt for a monthly subscription for $11.99, a year for $95.88, or a lifetime subscription for $179.


Duolingo is the best language app for anyone looking to learn French for free. The app is based on play; when you are on the platform, it feels like a game rather than a lesson. One unique feature of Duolingo is that the app is constantly updated with more language lessons.

This means there are always new words or phrases to learn as you keep moving ahead. The gamified feature makes learning on the app fun and interactive. In addition, you can customize Duolingo to your match your specific needs and learning style. There’s also a reward system for those who progress with their lessons.

Duolingo also offers a lot of learning practice to help improve your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Furthermore, you can also track your progress on the app to see how much you have learned and where you need improvement. While the app is free, if you want access to other features, you will need to subscribe to Duolingo Plus for $12.99.


Busuu is a popular language-learning app focusing on building grammar, speaking, writing, reading, listening, vocabulary, and conversation skills. Busuu has a wide variety of French topics for you to select, and its machine learning also allows for personalized lesson plans. In addition, you can also practice your pronunciation using the app’s speech recognition system.

Busuu stands out from other language apps because of its social feature, where you can meet millions of fellow learners and native French speakers. These native French speakers can give feedback when asked a question or submit an exercise.

The app focuses on building an active community of language learners and native speakers that help each other practice their preferred language. Some Busuu content is free, but restricted features can only be accessed when you buy a monthly subscription for $12.95 or a yearly subscription for $71.40.

How to Choose the Language App to Learn French?

Selecting the perfect language app to learn French significantly depends on your goals and learning style. Also, there are several features you must first put into consideration. We discussed some of them below.


Before choosing a language app, you must first consider its popularity and what others say about it. It is vital that you find the app that will build your language skills. You can only know this when you have seen or heard what other users say about the platform.


Another thing to consider before subscribing to a language app is if the platform’s methodology aligns with your learning style. Many language apps are good enough to get you to speak French quickly, but their methods might differ from your learning style. So, you must select the right one that suits you best.


You could find the right language app that checks all the boxes but your budget. It’s always best to work with your budget so that you don’t stop learning midway due to insufficient funds.

Final Thoughts

If you are searching for a fun, engaging, interactive, and rewarding way to learn the language of love, begin with these language apps. Regardless of the platform you choose, all you need is motivation and commitment, and soon enough, you will be conversational and fluent in French.

Best Language App for Learning French – FAQs

How quickly can I become fluent in French?

To become fluent in French, you must be ready to be committed and study consistently for at least six months to a year. However, it can take six months to become conversational with the right apps.

Which is the best language app to learn French?

The best language app to learn French depends on your learning style and goals. If you love to learn by immersion, some apps are designed especially for that. However, if you enjoy gamified learning, there are language apps that offer that.

Is the French language a difficult one to learn?

For native English speakers, French is considered easy to learn, especially compared to Chinese or Arabic. However, French can be difficult to study in other languages.

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