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Can You Get a Babbel Lifetime Subscription?

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It doesn’t matter if you are a world traveler or a language lover; learning a new language can be intellectually exciting. Sometimes, you need to know the basics of a particular dialect either for a job opportunity or a school course. With many people now communicating across borders in our technologically advanced world, learning a new language has become an essential skill for anyone to acquire, regardless of their interests.

This is where Babbel comes in. Babbel is regarded as one of the top-rated language-learning apps worldwide. The app has helped millions of language lovers to understand and speak any dialect of their choice.

In addition, Babbel also teaches language learners all the basics to help them handle everyday life situations. The app has different subscription plans, including a lifetime subscription. This article covers whether you can get the lifetime plan, how much it costs, and what it entails.

Can I Get a Babbel Lifetime Subscription?

Putting a price tag on knowledge is impossible. However, becoming fluent in a particular language doesn’t happen in one night. You need consistent study with the right resources.

So, having access to a lifetime of learning materials will help you keep studying at your pace. Unlike other language apps, Babbel offers its users a lifetime subscription. With a Babbel lifetime subscription, you can access your preferred languages on the platform.

You can learn a particular language first or move to other available languages. As a Babbel user, you already know that the app’s lessons are straightforward and will take only 10-15 minutes to complete. The app is designed to fit your learning into your daily activities regardless of how busy you get. So, you can improve your conversational skills by being tutored by native speakers in your preferred language.

As you keep using Babbel, you will learn new words, phrases, and concepts that you will use to handle real-life situations. These situations include shopping, asking for directions, exchanging pleasantries with native speakers, etc. With Babbel, you will also get access to podcasts and practice exercises to help you get better at the language you’re learning.

How Much Does Babbel Lifetime Subscription Cost?

Do you know you can learn new languages of your choice for a lifetime and at a very affordable amount? Babbel offers its users an exciting deal to learn multiple languages for a lifetime. As a Babbel user, you can now access all the languages on the app and additional features for as low as $199.

The lifetime subscription is the best option for any language lover wanting to learn more than one language on Babbel. The $199 Babble lifetime subscription covers all 14 languages available on the language app. Usually, you will pay $13.95 a month, $50.70 for six months, or $83.40 for a year to access language courses on Babbel.

This is why the $199-lifetime subscription is the cheapest and best deal for Babbel subscribers. With this deal, you can study any language of your choice without worrying about the money to renew your monthly or yearly subscription. So, take advantage of this incredible one-time offer.

If you still need convincing, consider that the lifetime subscription provides access to more than 10,000 hours of language courses on Babbel. Also, it doesn’t matter what your language level is.

Whether rusty in your preferred language or at an intermediary level, you can access plenty of language learning tools and features to achieve fluency. Furthermore, you can try Babbel first before buying the lifetime subscription. Babbel offers few free lessons in any language but with restricted access to some of its features.

Are There Benefits to Getting a Babbel Lifetime Subscription?

There are so many benefits of learning any language with Babbel. The 10-15 minutes of language lessons on Babbel are perfect for people with busy schedules but still want to learn a thing or two daily.

Babbel’s inclusion of the speech recognition system helps improve your pronunciation skills so that you not only learn to speak but also sound like a native speaker. In addition, you can learn at your pace bearing in mind that the app saves your progress.

If you want to take a break from the internet but want to keep learning your preferred language, you can do that. You can download all your language courses and study them offline. Furthermore, having a Babbel lifetime subscription means you have access to the tools that can get you conversational in no time.

Babbel users can apply the lessons learned on everyday topics like food, travel, exercise, sightseeing, and daily activities. This helps language learners build a solid foundation and better understand their preferred language. In addition, the language lessons you receive on Babbel are in the form of quizzes and you can access them on your smart devices with internet connectivity.

The courses on Babbel are divided into specific topics and lessons, each focusing on different skills of your preferred language. For example, the Italian curriculum offers a grammar section with over 30 courses that provides its users with various vocabulary words.

Compared to the monthly or yearly subscription plans on Babbel, the lifetime subscription saves you more dollars. Plus, the subsidized amount means you can learn any language one after the other anytime and anywhere. Finally, learning more than one language or all 14 of them gives you the confidence to experience the world differently.

What Are the Languages Available on the Babbel Lifetime Subscription?

As mentioned, Babbel’s lifetime subscription gives you full access to all the 14 languages available on the app. This means you can learn all 14 languages if you want since you have lifetime access to the platform.

The languages on Babbel include English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish, Indonesian, Danish, and Norwegian. Also,  you can learn any of the 14 languages in your native language, as Babbel does not use the immersive learning style.

You can learn on Babbel using your first language. The platform creators believe that your first language usually influences how you learn a second or third language. For example, how English speakers learn Spanish differs from the way French speakers do.

However, the language courses on Babbel are built in a way to help English speakers learn in a more effective and efficient way. These language courses are available for everyone regardless of their skill levels.

Can I Share my Babbel Account?

Let’s say you have a group of friends who are language lovers like you and want to learn the same dialect. You all can pay for the lifetime subscription and share the account. So, once you get the lifetime subscription, you can share your account with as many devices as you want. But there is a catch!

Everyone sharing the account with you must open a Babbel account with the same email address. Once another person opens another Babbel account with the same email address as yours, they are logged in to your account. However, since Babbel saves your progress, anyone who logs into your Babbel account continues from where you left off. So, whoever is sharing your account with you must be on the same level as you or willing to continue from where you left off.

This is because the lessons on Babbel are designed for one learner rather than different users. Every Babbel user selects their language goals, and Babbel develops a unique curriculum for them. The curriculum and language lessons are created around the user’s native language and goals.

This is why it can be challenging to share a Babbel account with anyone, except if everyone in the group has the same language goals and is on the same level. Another way to share an account and learn a language with Babbel is to switch on the offline mode on the app. When you do this, your lessons will automatically download, and you can continue your studies anytime.

Is Babbel Lifetime Subscription Worth It?

We live in an advanced technological world, so learning can be done anywhere and at your convenience. These days, as long as you have your smart device with internet connectivity, you can take your lessons on the go. So, if you have decided to learn at your convenience, then the Babbel lifetime subscription is definitely for you.

The Babbel lifetime subscription is worth investing in for many reasons. Aside from having full access to all 14 languages, you will also have access to all of Babbel’s features for a lifetime. As you already know, Babbel has one of the most effective methods of learning any language of your choice.

The interactive learning approach blends well with educational practices and incredible technology. When you learn a new language, such as Italian with Babbel, you will know how to speak the language in no time. In addition, getting a Babbel lifetime subscription ensures that you keep learning your preferred language till you achieve fluency.

Babbel’s lifetime subscription should be on your top list if you are keen on learning a new language or language and are very comfortable learning online. The app’s lessons are entirely virtual, so you must hold yourself accountable and be consistent. Finally, a lifetime subscription is the most affordable way to learn any of the 14 languages and cut costs. Therefore, a Babbel lifetime subscription is worth the investment.

Alternatives to Babbel Lifetime Subscription

While Babbel is a popular, well-established, and affordable language app, there are other great alternatives with excellent subscription plans. Here are a few of those alternatives.


Like Babbel, Mondly also offers a lifetime subscription for all its languages. Mondly’s lifetime subscription goes for $99.99. The language app also has incredible features, such as speech recognition technology that improves pronunciation.

A lifetime subscription on Mondly gives you complete access to 41 languages for life. Furthermore, you also get full access to all the features and updates on the app. Most importantly, you will save money when you buy a Mondly lifetime subscription.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone also offers its users a lifetime subscription for $189. Rosetta Stone’s lifetime subscription gives full access to all 24 languages and a premium micro book library. Like Babbel, Rosetta Stone is a language app that helps language lovers improve their communication skills like reading, speaking, listening, and writing.


This is another language-learning app with a lifetime subscription for $99.99. Memrise uses an intuitive, three-step approach that helps users learn a new language naturally and quickly. In addition, it also adapts your learning style by giving you challenges. Memrise offers 22 language courses, and a lifetime subscription gives you full access to them.

Final Thought

Babbel language app caters to many language lovers with different goals and needs. The app is a great language tool with fair subscription deals, primarily its lifetime subscription. Although Babbel has some downsides, it has an excellent approach to learning a new language. So, if you want to invest in learning a new language, the Babbel lifetime subscription is the best option. 

Can You Get a Babbel Lifetime Subscription – FAQs

Is getting a Babbel lifetime subscription worth it?

Getting a lifetime subscription to learn any 14 languages on Babbel for $199 is worth it. Aside from getting full access to the language courses, you will also enjoy all the features Babbel offers.

Can I share my Babbel account on different devices?

Yes. You can share your Babbel account with as many people as you want. However, it is best to use the app with people learning the same language as you and on the same level.

Can I become fluent in any language with Babbel?

Babbel is a great language-learning app with a good teaching approach to help you build your conversational skills. While you could become fluent by being consistent with your study, you might also need additional resources to speed up the process. 

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