Distance Learning Instructional Resources

It is virtually impossible to stay current with the wide array of multi–media instructional resources available in adult basic education. Increasingly adult educators turn to the Internet to find these resources and to search for instructional modules and course length materials. This section identifies basic resources and lists of resources available to adult educators. Using search tools like Google and Yahoo are easy ways to find new resources. Recommendations are welcome. Email them to Linda Swanson.

Internet Resources

Adult Basic Education and GED Prep Instructional Materials

CA Distance Learning Project Modules — Of course this site has news stories and learning activities for those with literacy needs. Activity results including time on task can be printed and/or emailed to the instructor.

TV411 – offers reading, writing, vocabulary, math, science and finance topics complete with videos and engaging Web activities to help learners reach their literacy goals.

Math.com – the world of math online

Ask Dr. Math – Browse questions and answers about math.  Students may also write and ask their own questions.

A+ Math - worksheets, flashcards, games, and a homework helper.

Grammar Bytes– an online grammar tutor

EduFind – This site offers teachers and students information about all aspects of English grammar and punctuation.

Big Dog’s Grammar – Here is an index of grammatical exercises that are interactive and can be done online.

Reading Skills for Today's Adults from Marshall Adult Education - easy reading stories that offer timed reading, audio assist and comprehension questions with a possible writing assignment.

English as a Second Language

ESL Resource Lists – Purdue University listing of ESL resources for instructors, tutors, and students.

Dave's ESL Cafe – long-time popular ESL resources Web site

ESL Student Activities – over 1000 online quizzes and activities including grammar self-study, vocabulary crossword puzzles, Internet treasure hunts written by ESL teachers

ESL Gold – a broad collection of ESL materials online providing speaking, grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, and writing activities.

High School Equivalency and High School Subjects

Scout - the University of California College Prep – online high school offering advanced placement courses based on California standards and a–g requirements

Florida Virtual School – a very popular statewide virtual high school that licenses its courses for other providers

PBS Literacy Link There are Internet activities for both Pre-GED and high school equivalency.  There are some practice tests for each of the old GED test subjects, but it has not been updated for the new high school equivalency test. Even still, the information presented will help you pass any test you take. This site is free, but students must register to participate in the lessons and activities.

Test Prep Review– free High School Equivalency practice tests as well as commercial preparation activities

Algebra Lab – Algebra Lab is an online learning environment that focuses on the high school math topics and skills called upon in introductory science courses.

A+ Math – Helps students improve their math skills interactively.  Includes a game room and useful flash cards.  Worksheets can be done while online or printed out as worksheets.

4Tests –free High School Equivalency practice tests as well as commercial preparation activities

Biology – Human Genome Project Information This site provides information about the Human Genome Project, including current research and ethical, legal, and social issues.

Chemical Elements.com – This site contains an online, interactive periodic table of the elements.

Chemtutor – This site contains tutorials for basic concepts in chemistry.

Quia—Chemistry Activities – This site contains games and quizzes related to chemistry topics.  There are also resources for teachers.

Physics Central – This site, sponsored by the American Physical Society, provides information on physics as it relates to everyday life.

HyperHistory – Background information and maps about many periods of world history, from prehistory to the present.

Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History – American history by era to the present including primary sources and multimedia

American Memory – Library of Congress’s historical site—information and documents about American history from original sources

European History – European history from the Middle Ages to the present

The White House – Official Web site of the White House provides information about the current president and his staff and programs as well as historical information about the White House and former presidents.

Supreme Court – Information about the Supreme Court, including historical information, information about the justices and Supreme Court decisions.

U.S. Senate – Current Senate membership, issues being debated and historical information

U.S. House of Representatives – Current House of Representatives membership. Information about members, issues being debated and historical information.

Career Education

Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101 – a fun, free Web site for teaching computer basics

CareerOneStop – a nonprofit providing job, career, and a training services locator

O*Net – online occupational information database

Workplace Essential Skills – uses the Internet to help students brush up on reading, writing, math, and job skills.

Video Resources

Adult Basic Education

TV411 video and Web lessons– The series teaches life skills in a manageable, lively format.

English as a Second Language

USA Learns - This site contains three courses - Beginning English (1st Course), Intermediate English (2nd Course), and Practice English and Reading, which has new and expanded activities.

English with Jennifer – a series of over 400 videos created by an ESL teacher named Jennifer Lebedev. She also has a blog site with many other resources for the ESL teacher.

Connect with English – a course length ESL TV, video and print series for higher level learners

High School Subjects

Brightstorm – has free homework help videos (over 2,000) covering the high school math and science topics of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus and calculus, biology, chemistry, and physics. There are also college test prep videos, but there appears to be a charge for them.

C-SPAN Classroom -Make history and civics come alive by using C-SPAN's video clips.

California Academy of Sciences - has a wonderful collection of short videos on topics such as animals, aquarium creatures, earth, humans, oceans, space, biodiversity, climate change, and many, many others.

Career One Stop: Career Videos - There are career videos available in 16 broad industry areas. For more specific job titles, select one of the broad titles. Each video describes both the industry and selected occupations within the industry.

Eye Witness to History: History in Motion - History through the eyes of those who lived it. Videos of historical events makes them come alive for your students.

HippoCampus - provides high-quality, multimedia content on general education subjects to high school and college students free of charge.  Topics covered include: Algebra, American Government, Biology, Calculus, Environmental Science, Physics, Psychology, Religion, Statistics, and US History.

Khan Academy - uses YouTube to make available more than 1000 educational videos on the broad subjects of: Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Physics, Banking and Money, Chemistry, Biology, CASHEE, California Standards Test Algebra I & II, SAT Preparation, Finance, Probability, and many others. 

Online Resources and Resource Lists

The Literacy List – This thoughtful listing developed by David Rosen covers Web sites, Internet tools, Field Trips, and a wide range of teaching resources.

OTAN – the oldest and very popular adult education Web site and online archive

Adult Ed Teachers.org – An online resource designed specifically for teachers

Adult Ed Online – A free site dedicated to helping teachers learn how to better use technology in their classrooms or to reach learners studying at a distance

How Stuff Works – A fun Web site to use to answer a wide range of questions

Literacy Wiki – Online community of practice resource devoted to growing adult literacy information

Technology information – ZD.net is a broad and detailed resource for digital, computer and Internet information.

Project Gutenberg – free ebooks

Your Dictionary – This is an extensive English Dictionary and Thesaurus with grammar rules.  This Site also offers 6,800 foreign language and dialect dictionaries, specialty dictionaries (i.e. medical, business, law and computers) and language courses for hundreds of languages.  There are also thousands of links to language resources. 

Encyclopedia Britannica – is an online encyclopedia that covers all subjects. Some of the information is free, but you need to become a member and pay for full access.

IDEAL Consortium – is a consortium of states working to develop effective distance education programs for adult ABE and ESL learners.

Hippo Campus – provides multi–media resources for academic subjects.

Wikipedia – the free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit

Nutrition.gov – This site provides a wealth of information on food consumption, food safety, fitness, health, and disease.

CNN Student News – Current events from around the world, including the United States

Math Forum – This is a math resource library for students and teachers.

Economics – Explanations of economics terms and topics as well as information about current economic situations

Economic Education – Official site of the Council for Economic Education—has a collection of resources for K-12 educators and students.

Geography – A wide range of geographic topics, including maps, atlases and a geography glossary

U.S. Census – Official web site of the U.S. Census Bureau—the latest demographic information from the 2000 census

Smithsonian Education– Web site for the Smithsonian education resources

Annenberg Learner: Amusement Park Physics – This site explores the physics involved in amusement park rides, such as roller coasters, carousels, and bumper cars.

The National Weather Service Homepage – This site contains updated weather forecasts for the U.S. and various international locations, along with coverage of storm development.

National Museum of Natural History – This site guides visitors through a virtual tour of several dinosaur exhibits.  Photos of full and partial dinosaur skeletons, information on field work, and a list of dinosaur misconceptions are available.

NASA Website – Videos of NASA’s vision of the future of space exploration

Mars Exploration Homepage – This site presents detailed information on the Mars Exploration Program, along with a photo gallery, a history of previous missions, and updates on current and future expeditions.

Space Telescope Science Institute/Hubble Space Telescope Public Information – This site contains a history of the Hubble Space Telescope and a gallery of photographic images of the universe.

National Gallery of Art – Online tours of art and artists along with lessons and much more

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – There are games, guides, and hunts for students.  Looking at Art delves into the composition of Leutz’s Washington Crossing the Delaware and investigates what makes a portrait a portrait.

The Heard Museum – This museum has provided their complete Resource Guide to the Native American Fine Art Movement online, which can be downloaded and printed by anyone. It offers up-to-date information on contemporary Native American Art.

Lesson Plans Page – This site has lesson plans in all subjects at all grade levels. 

Homeroom Teacher – Offers links to free educational clip art, lesson plans, news, and more

PBS Learning Media – has curriculum targeted resources - on demand. Includes games, videos, and interactive resources in all subject areas.

Wikispaces – Need somewhere to work on essays together? A wikispace for a class is a great place for students to post their work so that teachers and classmates can correct, improve, and discuss their work. Free for educators.

Google Earth – This Web site provides a downloadable app that permits the user to travel the earth, explore popular places, build 3D models, and become a member of the Google Earth Community.