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GED Video Partners Materials Modifed

Los Angeles Unified School District has recently modified the fully-formatted PDF version of the GED Video Partners workbooks for local use. LAUSD changed the format and also created a post test for each of the workbooks. The format changes include the workbook followed by an answer document so that the student can keep the workbook as a study guide and transfer the answers to the answer document. In another model the workbook could also be reused later with other students. Each workbook ends with a post test to measure student mastery of the workbook content.

The answers to all of the GED Video Partners workbooks are available to download in three separate PDFs for writing and reading, social studies and science, and mathematics.
The students can use the answer booklets to correct their workbooks and get immediate feedback. The students do not have access to the answers for the post test. Those are corrected by the distance learning instructor.

These workbooks, post tests, answer templates, and student answer booklets are accessible at the following URL:

At this link you can also find marketing documents to advertise distance learning opportunities for using GED Connection videos in combination with GED Video Partners workbooks.

Thanks to LAUSD for sharing the hard work for these modifications.

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