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Free Site for Learning English

U.S.A. Learns ( is a free ESL instructional program developed primarily for immigrant adults with limited English language skills who cannot attend traditional classroom programs because of difficulty with schedules, transportation, or other barriers. The site was developed by the Sacramento County Office of Education in partnership with the University of Michigan, and is based on greatly expanded curriculum from Putting English to Work I, English for All, and the California Distance Learning Project Web site.

The U.S.A. Learns Web site consists of 3 unique programs:

Learners can use U.S.A. Learns in an independent mode, registered or unregistered. The site can also be used under the auspices of a tutor or teacher. The potential learner might work from home, a public library, or a workplace setting.

While U.S.A. Learns is not designed for class use in a lab, a tutor or teacher can use the Web site's learning management system to create an online class. The site enables educators to view students' work and provide feedback online.

To access the management system, go to

Students enrolled in an online class with a teacher, go to

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