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Order materials to complement your distance learning programs.

English For All CDs
Order the high beginning ESL "English For All" CDs, which are used in conjunction with the Web site.
English for All DVDs
Information on high beginning ESL "English for All" DVDs is available at the EFA Web site. The DVDs can be played on any DVD player or any computer equipped with a DVD drive. Programs can purchase the DVD version on 5 DVDs for $50 plus tax and shipping at the English for All Web site. Click on “Questions and Answers.” The DVDs can be duplicated for non-commercial educational purposes.
English For All VHS tapes
Order high beginning ESL "English For All" VHS tapes.
GED Connection Order Form
To order sets of GED Connection videos in DVD or VHS formats, print this form and fax it to VideoLab. Due to licensing requirements, the discounted rate is only available to educational institutions in California. The videos are also available online to educational institutions in California. You will need your California adult education agency UserID and Password to access these videos. Contact OTAN if you don’t have one.
GED Materials (Print)
GED Video Partners workbooks, supplemental print materials organized around GED Connection video series and other GED preparation that have been developed by CDLP. In addition, Los Angeles USD has created modified GED Video Partners, which includes the modified workbooks, a post-test for each workbook, and marketing materials.
GED Online
CDLP has purchased a state–wide license for the distribution and use of the McGraw–Hill/Contemporary’s GED Integrated Online Solution. This program uses a CD–ROM and the Internet to provide a GED instructional program and management system. Click the ‘GED Online’ link to place an order for virtual seats. Learn more at
On Common Ground
On Common Ground helps viewers fully understand the rights, privileges and responsibilities associated with citizenship. Individual lessons focus on such crucial issues as racial polarization, extremism and freedom of speech, individual rights versus the public good, separation of powers, and checks and balances.
Putting English to Work 1 DVDs
This beginning ESL set of 5 DVDs is available from OTAN for $55. A CD is included with all print materials. California agencies with state or federal funding are free to make copies but not to modify or sell them.

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