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Other Learning Web Sites

Visit these web sites for more learning activities.

English for All
Videos and learning activities to help adults learn English.
This is an "electronic square" or village designed for adult learners with low basic literacy skills. There are a number of storefronts (health center, jobs center, library, family center, computer center, early childhood center, community arts center, library, and home buying and rentals center) with low-literacy content inside, much of it written by adult new readers and writers.
Key New Readers Newspaper
Easy-to-read news articles for the new reader or beginning ESL student and "mid-reading level" for those pre-GED and advanced ESL students.
The LiteracyCenter.Net Web site provides safe learning activities for parents and teachers to share with young children. All online lessons are free of advertising and free of charge.
Medline Plus - Interactive Health Tutorials
These tutorial interactive health education resources are from the Patient Education Institute. Using animated graphics, each tutorial explains a procedure or condition in easy-to-read language. You can also listen to the tutorial.
The Learning Edge
The Learning Edge is a project of the Wellington County Learning Centre in Arthur, Ontario, Canada, in partnership with AlphaPlus/AlphaRoute. The site offers adult life skills content with excellent audio support.
The Northern Edge
A Canadian online newspaper for adult learners.
Lessons and learning activities based on the TV411 television series to help adults improve basic skills.
USA Learns
This site contains three courses - beginning English, Intermediate English, and Practice English and Reading, which is based on this CDLP Web site and, but with new and expanded activities.