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Roads Being Fixed After Rainy Weather

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Pothole Patrols Fix Road Ravages After Wet March

Following week after week of soggy weather, Caltrans and other area road crews this week are out combating a traditional seasonal menace to drivers -- potholes.

Taking advantage of a brief break in the rainfall, teams of city, county and state road workers canvassed Sacramento Thursday, providing temporary patch-up fixes to several potholes that have developed thanks to recent rainy weather.

"The rain tends to work its way down through the cracks in the asphalt and the concrete and with the heavy traffic, the truck traffic, it breaks it down to the sub-base and makes potholes develop," said CalTrans' Ben Ramirez.

March rainfall is being blamed for more than $70 million in damages to California roads, according to Caltrans.

Auto repair experts said the roadway divots have been wreaking more havoc than usual on unsuspecting motorists. "We see bent wheels," said Sacramento Les Schwab Tire store owner Tom Lopiccolo. "I've got two vehicles here today, both with cracked wheels."

The worst stretch of weather-damaged road locally continues to be Foresthill Road in Placer County. Crews have been working since last weekend to shore up part of the main traffic artery to Auburn after heavy rains washed away a nearly 40-foot section of dirt-fill directly under one lane of the road near Drivers Flat Road.

Caltrans is currently paving a new temporary lane around the slide to allow the damaged portion to remain closed until permanent repairs can begin next summer.

(This story was provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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