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Crisis Nursery

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It is both the toughest and the most important job on the planet and even the best parents feel overwhelmed sometimes. Now parents in Yolo County have a place to turn.

The goal is to help families before the kids get hurt. Moms and dads can leave their children at the nursery to be cared for, while parents get the help they need. The nursery offers a strong support network, so if things get stressful children are not in danger.

Children are often abused or neglected during times of crisis. Now there is a place to turn. The Yellow Private Nursery opened its doors in Davis. Parents can leave their children under 5 years old here for up to 30 days when life becomes too difficult and the children are at risk.

Teresa, a single mom who turned to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope realized she was placing her daughter at risk. While she checked into rehab, her daughter was placed at the Sacramento Crisis Nursery. Teresa recalls, “I became very overwhelmed and made the wrong choices.” The Crisis Nursery gave her and her daughter a chance to make a fresh start. She is grateful and says, “For the first time in my life I don’t feel that I am alone, I have support and people that care about us.”

The Yolo Crisis Nursery center opens its doors today in Davis and is planning on the same type of success stories there.

For more information call the Parent Support Line at 1-888-281-3000. The Crisis Nursery centers will be opening soon in Placer County and Nevada County.

(This story was provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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