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Suspect Recognized

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Jan Ronne says when she saw the picture of a suspect in a Yosemite murder on television last weekend, she recognized Cary Stayner. The Wilton woman, in an exclusive interview with News 10's Deborah Pacyna, says she picked up the phone immediately and called the FBI. Ronne says she met Stayner at the Laguna Del Sol nudist camp in Sacramento County shortly after the Sund/Pelosso murders. She says the handyman joked about being questioned by the FBI about the killings.

Ronne says when she saw Stayner's picture on television, it took about an hour for the FBI to respond to her call. The suspect was taken into custody at the nudist camp without struggle.

Ronne could be eligible for part of the reward money for her role in bringing Stayner to justice.

(This story was provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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