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Parents Warned About Technology and Drug Use

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Government Warns Parents of Drug Use Aided by Technology

The White House is warning parents their kids may be using cell phones and the Internet to do more than keep in touch with their friends.

Until now, most of the warnings surrounding teens and the Internet have been based on concern over sexual predators. But the federal government is urging parents to be aware of another potential danger.

According to the White House Office of National Drug Policy, America's teens are using technology such as text messaging and the Internet to facilitate their drug use. Deputy Director Scott Burns issued a statement Thursday encouraging parents to "e-monitor" their teens' online and cell phone use.

The White House quotes research finding nearly 90 percent of teenagers use the Internet, and nearly half of teens surveyed said their parents know very little or absolutely nothing about what they do on online. Additionally, more than half the teens surveyed carried their own cell phone.

Burns said he spent time with his own teenage daughter on the Internet and was "shocked" by the amount of material showing how to use drugs, make drugs, or buy drugs. Burns said some sites even show how to beat a drug test.

Software products are available to allow parents to monitor Internet activity in their home. Parents are also encouraged to move their teens' computer into a common room in the home to discourage secretive behavior.

(This story was provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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