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Voting Machines Go Through More Testing

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Electronic Voting Machines to Undergo More Testing

Electronic voting equipment used in San Joaquin and several other California counties will have to undergo more federal testing before it can be certified in California, Secretary of State Bruce McPherson said Tuesday.

McPherson is calling for the machines made by Diebold Election Systems to pass stringent testing before the state will certify them. He wants the company to submit the source code for the machines' memory cards. McPherson's office said it has concerns about security.

The Texas-based company said it will review the request. "Diebold Election Systems is always willing to participate in responsible testing to show that our voting systems are up to the task of giving more Californians an accessible and reliable way to vote," read a statement released by the company's vice president of business operations, Dave Byrd.

There have been questions about the Diebold AccuVote TSx, which is used by San Joaquin, Solano, San Diego, and Kern counties. The machines have undergone a series of tests after former Secretary of State Kevin Shelley suspended their use in the spring of 2004. Shelley feared the machines were unreliable and vulnerable to tampering.

(This story was provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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