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Bad Fish to be Destroyed

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Officials to Try Again to Kill Lake Davis Northern Pike

It appears likely Lake Davis in Plumas County is in for another round of poisoning in an effort to get rid of the voracious Northern Pike.

After 10 years trying to get rid of the fish, it's estimated there are now more than a million pike still in the lake, and the threat they pose is as serious as ever.

Experts fear the pike could get into the watershed below Lake Davis and make their way down to the Sacramento and American rivers where they would devour the trout and other fish populations and bring untold ecological damage.

A first try at poisoning them in 1997 failed with local residents bitterly opposing the effort. Since then, eradication efforts have continued, using explosives, nets and more poison but without success.

Now the state Department of Fish and Game wants to try again. This time it will either drain the lake completely or lower its level much farther before putting the poison in.

Local opposition has eased partly because no traces of the poison rotenone has ever been found in local wells.

Public hearings on the plan begin in Plumas County on September 26. If all goes as planned, the poisoning would be done in the summer or early fall of 2007 -- 10 years after the first try.

(This story was provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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