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Power Protest

photograph from Money story

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The state's power crisis is turning into a three-way battle between the utility companies, lawmakers and consumers.

Protestors gathered in San Francisco on Sunday to sign petitions asking for a rollback of the recently implemented rate hike. Several consumer activist groups are asking power customers to only pay 91 percent of their bill, in protest of the nine percent rate hike.

Organizers say they want to see an end to all potential price hikes. "Nine percent isn't enough for P. G. and E. They want a 30 percent rate increase," said consumer activist Medea Benjamin. "If we let them get away with nine percent, we're going to see our rates to up 30 percent, 40 percent, 50 percent."

The petitions will be delivered to Governor Gray Davis and P. G. and E. next week when the power bills come out. A recent poll shows that the majority Californians believe the power crisis is the result of corporate greed.

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