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Gas Prices Increase a Penny a Day

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Gas Prices Jump a Penny a Day the Last Month

It seems as if gas prices go up more than they drop. The latest fuel prices will not dissuade anyone of that notion.

The American Automobile Association of Northern California reports the price of unleaded regular has jumped 29 cents in the past month to $2.86 a gallon. The cost of gas has been steadily increasing since the first of the year.

AAA spokesman Sean Comey said the culprits behind the rising prices are crude oil prices approaching $69 a barrel and fears that another active hurricane season could impact drilling and refinery production. Comey also predicted prices will continue to escalate as historically, people make more car trips when the weather is warm.

The price increase was less in California than nationally. The nationwide average price went up 33 cents in the last four weeks to $2.69 a gallon.

The automobile association relies on daily gas price reports from more than 85,000 service stations nationwide for its monthly survey.

Following are current prices in selected Northern California cities compared to a month ago.

- Sacramento: $2.74, up 30 cents
- Stockton: $2.77, up 30 cents
- Modesto: $2.78, up 34 cents
- Tracy: $2.75, up 33 cents
- Vallejo: $2.79, up 30 cents
- Marysville: $2.75, up 33 cents
- Chico: $2.75, up 28 cents
- South Lake Tahoe: $3.10, up 33 cents

(This story was provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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