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Man Realizes He Is a Lottery Winner

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Original Title:
Antioch Man Realizes He has Winning Lotto Ticket

Story Dated: September 26, 2005

A Contra Costa County man has come forward with a $50 million lottery ticket, lottery officials announced Monday.

Ralph Acridge, a retiree, purchased the SuperLOTTO Plus jackpot at an Antioch convenience store on Saturday, but didn't think he won the jackpot because he incorrectly listed the numbers on his computer.

"I have been playing these numbers for 20 years and I thought I won $1,217 until Sunday morning, when I saw that the winning jackpot ticket had been sold at the 7-Eleven in Antioch," Acridge said in a statement. "That's where I buy my tickets," he said.

Once he double-checked his numbers, he realized he had matched all six numbers, bringing his winnings to $50 million.

Acridge said he plans to maintain the same lifestyle, but intends to "make a lot of my family and friends' lives better." He said he plans to create college funds for his grandchildren and maybe buy himself a bigger home.

"I believe that everything happens for a reason and I don't know what the reason is but I plan to make the reason right," he said.

The Antioch 7-Eleven where the ticket was purchased will be awarded $250,000.

This is the second largest jackpot ever sold in Contra Costa County. Acridge becomes the 31st jackpot winner from the county.

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