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Down Payment for Homes

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For families struggling to make ends meet, purchasing a home is out of the question. Or at least it was. Now there's a Northern California organization that can help families attain the American Dream by building it themselves.

There's a new subdivision going up in Galt. You won't find big name builders there, just people like Francisco Gomez. He's building his own three bedroom, two bath home. He started last spring when in a grassy lot. "It's my dream that I have a house," said Gomez. "I do this for my family, my kids."

With the help of his wife and her father, the family has pounded every nail and two-by-four into place. "At the beginning even going up on the roof that was scary to me," said Gomez's wife Lorena. "But you learn to love what you're doing because you know it's going into your own home."

As a welder, Gomez earns enough to own a home, but not enough to save for a down payment.

The Gomez home is one of nine under construction in the subdivision. It's part of a self help housing program where sweat equity is the down payment.

Under the program, families must work at least 35 hours a week and do 80 percent of the work. Mercy Housing California helps with low interest loans. The home prices are in the $130,000 range. "In our program we don't ask for a cash down payment, their labor is considered their down payment, so I think that's a great advantage," said Irene Lopez of Mercy Housing California.

If you'd like more information about building your own home, you can contact Mercy Housing California at (800) 995-0431, extension 4464.

(This story was provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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