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School Deal

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In a controversial move, the Roseville High School District voted unanimously Tuesday night to make Pepsi-Cola the sole supplier of its soft drinks.

According to board members, the deal will bring in $1.2 million dollars to be used for sports and other school activities. Board members say it will also widen choices to include bottled water that would be sold for fifty cents instead of a dollar and fruit juices that would be 100 percent juice instead of 10 percent.

A group of parents oppose the plan, citing the advertising that will be allowed on school campuses and negative health effects of soft drink consumption. "The fact is, soda does not rehydrate," said parent Christine Holderegger. "It is loaded with sugar and empty calories and no nutritious value at all."

Opponents promise to bring the issue up again. They're organizing a committee to study the problem and determine their next moves.

The Roseville High School campuses already have individual deals with Coca-Cola, which will be replaced with Pepsi under the terms of the district-wide deal.

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