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Sea Lion Found on Street

photograph from Health and Safety story

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Original Title:
Sea Lion Found on South Natomas Street

A sea lion with a penchant for getting around turned up at a Sacramento intersection late last night.

Several people taking a walk around 11:30 last night in South Natomas nearly stepped on the sea lion, which was sitting at the corner of Garden Highway and Norwood Avenue.

The passersby began pouring water on the sea lion to keep him comfortable and called police. "They told us there was a sea lion," said Sacramento Police Department spokesperson Erik Nygren. "So we came and started calling numbers for federal and state agencies and finally found a group in Sausalito who were experts and could come and help us out."

Those Marine Mammal Center employees arrived early in the morning, moved the sea lion to a cage and took him for medical care. The experts believe the wayward lion swam from San Francisco Bay into the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. He headed up the Sacramento River, diverted to the American River, and finally took a sidetrip up a creek feeding the river. They think the sea lion is disoriented because of neurological problems caused by a toxic algae.

The sea lion wears tracking identification and from that, it's been determined he has shown up in San Luis Obispo and last month, in Moss Landing.

Depending on the species of sea lion, a full grown male can weigh more than one ton. Females are about one-third as big. The tan to dark brown mammals have a bark similar to that of dogs. Sea lions are frequently seen along rocky sections of California's coastline during summer months, and occasionally make their way upriver following migrating fish.

(This story was provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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