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The Dangers of Fireworks

photograph from Health and Safety story

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Every year at this time, we hear a great deal about the dangers of fireworks, both legal and illegal. But a 14-year-old boy in Roseville wants to warn everyone about another hazard. A freak accident involving a firecracker may cost him an eye.

Jordan Frantz stopped to watch another child playing with firecrackers in a park near his home. Frantz, like so many of us, considered firecrackers harmless. But under the right conditions, a firecracker can explode with surprising intensity.

"He took a mechanical pencil shell and put a firecracker in there, and he lit it and it exploded and a piece shot into my eye," said Frantz. "A piece of plastic."

Frantz still doesn't know if he'll ever see again out of his left eye. "They're not really sure if I'm going to be able to see or not. I think they're optimistic about it, but I'm not sure."

Fire officials say it's important to remind parents that even with legal fireworks, adult supervision is important. Those fireworks are less likely than an exploding firework to injure somebody, but as many as half the fires started around the Fourth of July are started by legal fireworks.

(This story was provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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