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Too Many Students Enroll in Summer School

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Crush of Summer School Students Surprises Elk Grove District

It's not clear exactly why but a record number of students showed up to start summer school at an Elk Grove High high school. There were so many, staff was scrambling to get them into classes and not all got in.

At Monterey Trail High School, the principal said the cause of the unexpected crunch was two-fold.

"We had just under 3,000 kids show up this morning," said Yuri Penerman. "Actually more than that because we had some who didn't pre-register. So at least 3,000, if not more."

The school quickly learned it didn't have teachers for all of the classes -- mostly English, math, science and physical education -- that students want to take. What the school can offer is determined in large part by what and how many teachers elect to teach during the summer session, Penerman says.

"It's hard to get qualified people," Penerman said. "Teachers are not required to teach summer school. Basically we get the people who want to work and work a little extra this summer and make a little extra money."

With many students spending four or more hours in the school's gym this morning trying to get into classes, some ended up uphappy.

"Next time, if there's too many people tell them to go to a different school," suggested Deontay Wilson. "Cause I want my classes."

Freemona Alexander said her son registered three months ago for summer school and didn't get his selection. But Timothy Alexander said he wasn't too displeased about that. "I came here for history. I came out with P.E. The benefit: only three weeks of school and no homework."

His mother thinks the district could do better. "Elk Grove -- you've got new schools. You've got new technology. They could come up with a better system," said Alexander. "This is old system. When I went to summer school they had a better system than what they have here."

When the second session of summer school starts in mid-July, it's possible some students will struggle again to get their classes.

Penerman said for next year the district is considering offering summer school at each school site. This year, just three high schools have summer sessions.

Students enrolling in summer school do so for a variety of reasons, including trying to improve a grade in a course and preparing for passing the California High School Exit Exam, which is a new requirement for graduation.

(This story was provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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