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School Nurse

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To administrators at Parkway Elementary school, an offer of a qualified nurse to work with students seemed too good to be true. Now members of the teachers union are trying to put an end to the practice.

Sacramento's Mercy healthcare offered to provide the nursing services to Parkway because of a severe shortage of staff nurses in the city's schools. Now the donated nurse visits the campus to talk with students about health issues and provides them with limited care.

Members of the Teacher's Association say the school nurse should be a district employee... not someone on loan from a private employer. They're asking the Public Employees Relations Board to bar the donated nurse from doing her job on campus. Union officials say registered nurses don't have the training or experience to fulfill the duties of a professional school nurse.

The Mercy nurse remains on the job while the board is considering its decision.

(This story was provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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