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Letters to Santa Reveal Need

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Letters to Santa Reveal Growing Need

They may be addressed to the North Pole, but letters to Santa Claus from needy area children have already started stacking up at post offices.

In Sacramento, for the 17th year, Post Office employees are reading through the letters, identifying those from needy families, and filing them according to zip code. The letters are then housed at the Dear Santa Letter Station at a post office in Sacramento.

Then it's up to the area residents. Individuals, families, and businesses can choose a letter or letters and adopt a needy child or family. Sacramento Post Office spokesman Ralph Petty said people like to come in and find letters from children who live near them.

Petty also said the need seems to be greater this Christmas. "This year, I've already seen more letters come in at the beginning of the holiday season than I've seen in years past," said Petty.

"And the letters I'm seeing this year are a lot different. These are kids asking for clothes."

A woman from Sacramento chose two letters from children who live near her. "I know the importance of giving to others in need. I just feel that love should be spread this year," she said. She plans on involving her daughter in the gift-giving project. "I want her to get out there and experience the importance of giving."

Petty said most people like to deliver gifts directly to the homes, but gifts can be mailed.

Not every letter to Santa is written by a child. There was also a letter from a young mother who recently fled from her violent husband and is trying to raise a three-year-old girl. The individual who chose this letter said "This one really touched me."

"I feel like we have a lot and others don't have so much."

For information on a similar project in your area, check with your local post office.

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