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Housing Plan to End Homelessness

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Sacramento Announces "Housing First" Plan to End Homelessness

Sacramento leaders unveiled a 10-year plan Monday to end chronic homelessness in the county.

The blueprint is based on similar models in more than 200 other cities nationwide that focus on providing stable housing first, then following with supportive services.

"It's the housing first model, and then we're hoping to deal with their problems, whether it's alcoholism or drug addiction or mental illness requiring medication," explained Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo. "It's the housing first model as opposed to get your act together and we'll try to find you a house."

The non-profit group Turning Point operates an apartment complex in Sacramento County under the housing-first premise. Turning Point first provides a clean, safe apartment to homeless individuals. Then there are rehabilitation and employment services to help the person stay off of the street. The apartment complex' manager is one of its success stories. Joel Arteaga-Novoa was formerly homeless. "In addition to providing shelter, they do provide you service in finding you jobs," he said. "They do have an on-site job program to kind of develop skills and improve your skills."

Fargo said funding for current programs addressing homelessness will be re-directed to the new plan. Local leaders also hope to tap in state and federal aid.

Both the Sacramento City Council and the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors are expected to vote on the plan at their Tuesday meetings.

There are an estimated 1,700 chronic homeless in Sacramento County. An estimated 11,100 are homeless at some time during the year, according to county figures.

(This story was provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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