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Dogs Help Children Become Better Readers

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Library Goes to the Dogs to Help Children Become Better Readers

Therapy dogs, who usually serve as warm and caring friends to patients, have taken on an additional role in Vacaville. They're becoming some children's best new reading buddies.

Eight PAWS for Healing volunteer canines have been trained to be listening companions for young readers. The Vacaville Public Library is trying out the pilot program to encourage elementary-age children to become enthusiastic about reading. Children are invited to come to the library to met and read to an especially appreciative dog audience.

The dog listeners have received special training to become Reading Education Assistance Dogs in the PAWS program. They are dogs who have demonstrated they can listen attentively and remain calm. Children find them less intimidating than peers in a classroom setting. Children can read at their own pace without being judged.

(This story was provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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