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Governor Wants Kids to Eat Healthy

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Governor Takes Aim at Junk Food in Obesity Summit

With obesity a problem that costs California an estimated $30 billion per year in lost productivity and health costs, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today launched a summit on the issue. He's focusing on children, encouraging them to exercise more and eat healthier.

He began the day by walking a little more than half a mile with elementary school children from across the Valley.

Schwarzenegger has brought together the public and private sectors to encourage both better eating and fitness in the Summit on Health, Nutrition and Obesity at Cal Expo. However, he told the assembled children he needs their help, too.

"We need a commitment from all of you. Don't eat always all the junk food? OK? Stay away from the junk food and exercise every day. Do I hear your commitment to exercise every day?" he asked the children.

To underscore the aims of the summit, Schwarzenegger signed legislation to limit sales of soda and junk food on public school campuses.

According to a study by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, two-thirds of teens in the state drink soda every day, and nearly half eat fast food. More than 9 percent eat fast food twice a day, according to the study.

(This story was provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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