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Foster Children

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Over the past five years, the number of children in foster care in the Sacramento area has almost doubled. Now, more facilities are needed to house more than 6,000 children, and a local children's home says it needs your help.Ten-year-old Alyssa is a typical resident of the Sacramento Children's Home. She's lived at the foster care facility for more than a year. "When I lived with my Mom, she usually wasn't around the house a lot," Alyssa says. "Sometimes my Mom's boyfriend wasn't all right. He'd do mean things." Many more children like Alyssa are being taken into protective custody in Sacramento County. That's partially because of tragic cases like that of Adrian Conway. The three-year-old died after being brutally abused by his mother, despite the fact that the parenting arrangement was under the supervision of Child Protective Services. "This was an active CPS case," said Ron Davis of the Sacramento Children's Home. "And so it outraged the community that a child that was being supervised by Child Protective Services could be killed in his own home."So the county began erring on the side of caution, taking as many as 300 children into protective custody each month. "With many of these children, we're unable to serve their needs locally in Sacramento County so we've had to place these children in other counties away from their families," said Davis.That's why the Sacramento Children's Home has kicked off an $8 million fundraising campaign. The organization desperately needs more space to house additional children and other improved services. Administrators are trying to build a crisis nursery and family resource center to try to prevent child abuse.The Sacramento Children's Home needs more than $6 million to meet its goal. If you'd like to make a donation, you can call (916) 452-3981. There is also a critical need for foster parents. For more information, call Family Alliance at (916) 364-8910.

(This story was provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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