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Murderer's Movie

photograph from Law and Government story

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The San Jose reporter who spent 25 minutes with confessed Yosemite killer Cary Stayner says the handyman placed only one condition on their interview. KNTV's Ted Rowlands says Stayner wanted him to put him in contact with people in Hollywood who would make a movie about his crimes.

Rowlands says Stayner also cleared up some confusion about his backpack. The FBI seized the backpack when they brought the suspect into custody. Stayner told the reporter he had a gun, a knife, a roll of duct tape, and a Polaroid camera in the pack. This is the first word from anyone that Stayner carried a gun.

The FBI isn't commenting on the reports. The agency has come under increased scrutiny and criticism for the way it handled the investigation. It won't comment on reports that Stayner was only caught because a local law enforcement agency leaked his name to the news media. A resident of a Wilton nudist camp recognized Stayner from the news reports and called the FBI leading to his arrest.

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