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University Students Not Allowed to Drink Alcohol

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CSU Chico Implements Total Alcohol Ban for Students

CSU Chico is now officially "dry," with no drinking allowed on or off-campus. University officials hope the new regulations will prevent any more alcohol-related tragedies involving students.

The rules prohibit alcohol consumption in dorms. The first offense means a warning. A second offense results in the eviction of the offending student, who is still responsible for room fees.

Fraternity and sorority houses off-campus are banned from having alcohol, even if members are of legal age.

Freshmen are now required to take a two-and-half hour alcohol awareness course online. The program, called AlcoholEdu for College, surveys students and presents material about the use and abuse of alcohol. First-year students must pass the short course by October 14.

Chico administrators have been trying to shed the university's longtime reputation as a party shcool, which was driven in part by an article in Playboy magazine naming the school as one of the country's foremost party campuses.

With five alcohol-related student deaths in as many years, officials felt that had no alternative to adopting the no-alcohol stance. "I told them last year, no more chances," said CSU Chico President Paul Zingg. "So I think you can read into that."

The university's most recent student-drinking incident occurred last January. Nineteen-year-old Richard Amador, a fraternity pledge, slipped into a coma while drinking vodka provided by a Sigma Chi member.

(This story was provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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