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A New City

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Last March Elk Grove voters passed a proposal to create their own city. Now that day has come and today marks the independence of Elk Grove.

Many residents say they want their new city to make things like parks a priority. They will now have more power to do that. Today is kind of like a birthday and an independence day all at the same time. Elk Grove is California’s 476th city. Jim Cooper was officially sworn in as the city’s first mayor along with four new council members.

The council held a half-celebration half-meeting today at the Trig Education Center. The city is made up of a 51-mile square area, which includes the growing communities of Elk Grove, Laguna and Sheldon. No sweeping changes will be seen right away, but many residents say the biggest change they want to see is in the form of better services like police protection and public works.

Michael Jones, Elk Grove resident thinks, “We want to move into a new direction that eliminates relying on the county for most services and move forward to becoming a great city.”

Mayor Jim Cooper comments, “Great things are ahead and who knows where it will end. Right now we are riding and we are going to hang on for our lives, but we are going to have fun.”

This is definitely a city on the rise. In the past ten years the Elk Grove population has doubled, and population forecasts estimate that, in about the next 20 years, the population will grow from about 56,000 to 156,000. So a lot of changes are to come, and a lot of new decisions will be made.

(This story was provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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