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Some New Cars Save Gas

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Original Title: Drivers Get Look at Alternative Fuel Cars

With gas prices inching ever upward, some drivers are looking for solutions and eyeing alternative fuels.

This weekend the American Automobile Association hosted its first greenlight initiative showcase, a display of cars that run on alternative fuels.

Hybrids, vehicles that run on natural gas, hybrids, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles were on display.

"It is zero emissions," said Chris White of the California Fuel Cell Partnership. "They make clean, fast great-performing vehicles. And it's a fuel source that we will never run out of."

In the East Bay, a handful of hydrogen-powered buses are already being tested on the roads.

Ole and Jo Helleskov of Carmichael are concerned about both the high cost of gasoline and the environmental impact of fossile fuels. They believe hydrogen fuel cell technology is in reach, but they're worried about the cost. They remember how expensive hybrids were when they first came out.

"I actually sat down to figure out what I would save at that time and I would have to drive that car 600,000 miles in order to be even," said Ole Hellskov.

Manufacturers predict hydrogen-powered cars won't be readily available at affordable prices for about 10 years.

The Fuel Cell Partnership says one thing that will save consumers money when they own a hydrogen-powered car in the future will be maintenance. Because there are no major moving parts in the vehicle's engine, if there is a problem, all an owner would have to do to troubleshoot is plug a laptop into it. Most repairs will be made through computer programs and not through mechanics in the future.

(This story was provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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