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Light Rail Grows

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Construction is beginning on Regional Transit's light rail lines into south Sacramento and the Folsom area.
One of the new lines is a six-and-a-half mile stretch to the Meadowview area. To run the line to south Sacramento, workers will have to lay new track through several road crossings. One such crossing is where Freeport turns into 21st Street. To minimize traffic disruptions, workers plant to complete the project in 96 hours straight.

Crews moved Union Pacific tracks Sunday evening, so workers can eventually put in double lines for light rail. Starting Friday, the project closed down 21st Street where Freeport Boulevard splits off. Traffic coming up Freeport has to detour several blocks, but a few traffic problems now will mean an eventual easing of traffic on Interstate-5 and on surface streets leading to downtown Sacramento.
Plans call for seven new stops from Broadway to Meadowview. The project is expected to take a total of about two years. When it's done, 15,000 passengers a day are expected to use this line.

If the work going on this week proceeds on schedule, the crossing should be done and the 21st Street reopened by late Monday or early Tuesday.

(This story was provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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