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Screening Truck Drivers

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It was revealed on Thursday that the truck driver who crashed his big rig into the State Capitol last week was cleared to drive by a chiropractor. The incident is prompting a call to stiffen pre-screening of drivers before they get behind the wheel of a truck.

Assemblyman Dean Florez introduced a bill that would require truck drivers to be certified by licensed medical doctors. Current law allows certification by physician's assistants, advanced practical nurses or chiropractors. Florez believes the crash at the Capitol could have been avoided by a more thorough check of trucker Mike Bower's background.

In addition to a complete medical screening, Florez wants all drivers assessed for mental fitness and for drug and alcohol problems.

Some truckers are opposed to the plan. "There's no way you can check for that, unless you want a guy to give out his medical history which is doubtful," said trucker Larry Clark.

(This story was provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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