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Relief Group Sends Supplies

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Area Relief Group Begins Shipping Supplies to Katrina Victims

A grass roots relief effort organized by four area businessmen hit the road early in 2006 has one of the group's relief semis filled with much-needed supplies began its journey toward hurricane-ravaged Louisiana.

Five days after Jeremy Gold, Al Gold, Efren Fuentes and Jim Meurer began a drive to collect donations of food, medicine and other essentials, Cali-4's first 53-foot semi-truck trailer loaded with hurricane relief supplies pulled out of Davis bound for the Gulf Coast.

Seven more trucks packed with Cali-4 supplies were expected to leave Davis after the first shipment.

The shipment comes after a week of collecting water, icemakers, non-perishable food, personal necessities and medical supplies in Davis, Folsom and Sacramento. The first 180,000 pounds of donated items were packed on 150 pallets and began their 32-hour drive to Baptist missionaries in Baton Rouge

From there, the supplies were distributed to victims across Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.

"It's a disaster and everybody needs to jump in and help," said Cali-4 volunteer Chris Snow. The Davis real estate agent was one of hundreds of volunteers who spent several days sorting, packing and loading the donated items an area made available by a sod farm in South Davis.

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