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Farmers and the Weather

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The calendar might say "August," but the weather's more like October. For some farmers the cool weather is a good thing. For others, it's a cause for concern.

At Apple Hill, the cooler weather was giving the Boeger Winery a chance to concentrate on bottling instead of picking.

"Things were really maturing, its just been a welcome relief to have more time to prepare," said Greg Boeger of Boeger Winery.

But down in the Delta, the earlier hot weather has them two weeks ahead of schedule. Their harvest actually started Tuesday, and this cooling trend is a worry. There have been no problems yet, but for each of the last two years heavy rain right after Labor Day was a problem, one that Don Pylman would not like to see repeated.

"If it doesn't start raining, we're in good shape," said Pylman. "If the sun comes out and clears up we can get right back to work but if we do get rain, the rots will start."

The kind of grape makes a difference as well. Thin-skinned grapes like the chardonnay variety are much more sensitive to rain than some of the others. They're also more difficult to dry off.

(This story was provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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