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Workers Protest

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About a thousand state employees are planning a rally and demonstration today. Outside the state employee board in Capital Mall 91,000 employees from across the state are represented by this rally. These workers are finding that discrimination has been going on for years within the state ranks. They back up their claims with a recently released report from their union. They say that minorities suffer from greater disciplinary actions and that retaliation against employees who file discrimination complaints are on a sharp increase.

Ana Maria Ortega was a 15-year state employee who was fired in 1997. She backed Governor Gray Davis because he had campaigned on a promise to help Latinos and African-Americans, but since his election, she claims he has done little. Ortega says, “He made promises to my community, and I as a Latina thought he was going to take care of this racial discrimination issue through state government. We are educated and I have excellent work performance with the state government for many years.”

Ana Maria is just one of the many current or former state employees at today’s rally. Most have personal stories much like what she told about. This rally is expected to last until 1pm today. No response from Governor Davis’ office as of yet today about the complaints and he is just outside of Fresno signing some legislation. He will head down to San Diego following that and is not expected to be in Sacramento at all today.

(This story was provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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