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Unity Center

photograph from Services story

(before 2003)

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The Governor went to three Jewish churches in Sacramento. He wanted to see what was left after fires that were started by people who hate Jewish people.

The Governor said he wants to stop hate crimes. He thinks it would be good to build a center to fight hate. Now the Governor must decide if the state will pay to build the center.

State lawmakers said California has the money for the center. It will teach young people about other faiths and people from other countries. It will be a place to show how good and different all people are.

Sometimes people hate other people because they are afraid of them. They can become afraid when they see people different from themselves. To understand more about people who are different makes others less afraid.

The center wants to teach young people about other faiths and countries so they will not be afraid of them. The hope is that young people will see the good in all people. This will help stop the hate crimes.

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