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Trying to Change CPS

photograph from Services story

(before 2003)

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Child Protective Services is a group that tries to help kids. They are often called CPS for short. They visit families that might not be taking good care of their children.

Sometimes it is better to take children away from their parents for a while. Children are taken to another home. They usually stay with other family members or a foster family.

The Child Protective Services want children to be safe. They make this happen by putting kids in better homes. They try to help parents become better moms and dads while their kids are away.

Right now CPS gets money if they place kids with foster families. They do not get money if they place them with family members. Many people are mad about this.

Some people are trying to change the way CPS works. They think that children should stay with family members if they can. Many of these people marched together to show that they want changes made in the way CPS works.

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