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Hate Crimes

photograph from Services story

(before 2003)

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Some people do not like people that are different than they are. They might hate someone because of their skin color. They might even hate people that believe in a different religion than themselves.

There is a man that is in charge of making sure all people are treated fairly. He is worried about the bad things that have been happening to some groups of people. He is looking for signs of hate and also learning what makes people work well together.

He visited three churches. These churches were burned by someone. It is believed that the person who burned the churches did not like people of that religion.

This man thinks that more work needs to be done to stop hate crimes like these. He wants everyone to work together to make changes in the way people treat others. He wants to help this happen.

Hate crimes hurt in many ways. This man said that his office will help groups that are dealing with the effects of them. He wants all people to get along and stop hurting others.

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