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Glen Canyon

photograph from Services story

(before 2003)

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Floating down the river in the Glen Canyon is fun. The Glen Canyon is pretty with a lot of plants. It has wildlife, too.

For a long time, the dirt on the bottom of the river has been used by the plants and fish. Now the dirt is no longer getting to the plants and fish.

A dam has been built to make electricity. But the dam controls how much water goes down the river. To make the electricity, the dam must change how much water goes through it. This changes how the dirt gets to the plants and fish.

Since the dam was built, the dirt now stays on the bottom of the lake. The cleaner water goes through the dam. It then washes away the river banks. It also stops the fish from growing in the river.

The dam also changes the temperature of the water. Cold water fish like the change in temperature. But the fish that had lived there before the dam can not live in the cold water.

The government is looking at how to fix the problem. A congressman wants the dam to stop changing the water flow now. He thinks it will destroy the canyon.

Fixing the problem will be hard. It will cost a lot of money. The electricity the dam is making is good but it is destroying the rest of the canyon.

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