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Freemen Surrender

(before 2003)

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A group of people decided that the American government was not acting like it should. They felt the government was breaking its own laws. The group decided to make their own government. They called themselves the Freemen group.

The Freemen wrote bad checks. They wanted to have a judge killed. Doing things like this is against the law. The F.B.I. wanted to arrest these people. But the Freemen group went to a ranch in Montana. They protected themselves with guns and would shoot anyone who came near.

The F. B. I. did not want anyone killed or hurt. They talked to the Freemen about what they did. Many people tried to tell the Freemen to give up. The Freemen group did not want to be arrested. They did not think that they did anything wrong.

The Freemen decided to give up after staying on the ranch for 81 days. The F. B. I. director was glad that no one was hurt. The U. S. president asked people at his dinner party to say a prayer for everyone involved.

The Freemen group will still be charged with writing bad checks and for threatening a judge.

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