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Fire in Colorado

photograph from Services story

(before 2003)

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Firefighters have had a hard time putting out a big fire near Boulder, Colorado.

It took firefighters a long time to control the fire. It was very windy. One firefighter said that the winds can blow the fire out of the area very easily.

The fire destroyed 65 homes. During the worst part of the fire, people were asked to leave their homes. Police were worried that the empty homes might be looted. They checked every car going in and out of the fire area.

One family returned to their home to find that only a small part of it had been hurt by the blaze. They felt very lucky to be able to repair the damage. The fire had come so close to their house that the girl had to run out with only her teddy bear.

Another family lost only their outdoor toilet. Their cabin had no indoor plumbing so their outhouse was in the yard. They were thankful their home was not burned down.

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