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Couple Adopts Children

photograph from Services story

(before 2003)

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A family went from zero to six children in one day. Sarah and Jim Cole adopted six brothers and sisters from the same family. On adoption day, they went on TV and then to the courthouse to sign papers.

Four years ago, government workers took all six children away from their real parents. They said the parents were not taking care of them. They split the children up among three foster homes. This upset the children very much.

At first, the Coles wanted to take only two children. But the government workers wanted all the brothers and sisters together again. Finally the Coles agreed to take all of them.

It was hard in the beginning. But it slowly got easier. The children got older. The Coles got used to taking care of six children.

The Coles are not rich people. The government has a program to help people who adopt children. They pay them money for each child each month.

The children are happy to be with the Coles. They are getting to know each other again. They are not afraid of being taken away and split up again.

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