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Problems With Bison

photograph from Services story

(before 2003)

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There is a large park in Montana. A lot of bison live in the park. These animals are like buffalo. The bison have lived there a long time.

The government wants to protect the bison that live in the park. Sometimes the bison move out of the park. They begin to eat food that is for supposed to be for cows. The farmers who raise the cows do not want the bison eating their food.

The state of Montana lets the bison be killed if they are not inside the park. Bison have been killed by the farmers since 1990. The farmers claim there is not enough food for both the cows and the bison.

Some people want the shooting of these animals to stop. Too many bison have been killed. Some of the bison are very young and some are pregnant. Some people think that the bison are important to Native American culture.

Others want the bison killed because they carry a disease. The farmers are afraid the bison will give their cows the disease. The farmers also say that the bison ruin all of their fences.

Right now there is no easy answer to the problem. Some people want to hunt them. Others want to stop them from having babies. The killing will continue because there is no simple answer.

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