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Mall Makeovers

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Lots of people love to shop in Los Angeles. Their malls have a great look and feel to them and are called "lifestyle centers". Owners of other malls in California want that look and feel too. They hope that the new look will make people want to shop even more.

One mall in Sacramento, California is getting a new look. It is located downtown. The city is working with the mall’s owner to open it up to the surrounding streets. They want to stay competitive with other malls.

They want to create a lifestyle center.” Lifestyle centers are not only about shopping but dining, working, and living as well. The first change they will be working on is to make the food court face the street instead of the interior of the mall.

The owner of the mall is spending a billion dollars to make similar changes to its malls in Southern California. People really seem to love these new lifestyle centers.

One man who recently moved from Los Angeles said that he thinks people love all of the flash. He says that they are drawn to the music and lights. He thinks that it all makes people want to go to the mall and spend money.

Other malls in the Sacramento area are also going to be undergoing facelifts soon too. Others will be updating their storefronts but are keeping the same layout. The city wants to maintain an assortment in the shopping experience. People will have choices for shopping. They will be able to choose between the new lifestyle centers and improved malls. They may even choose both!

One shopper said that it really doesn't matter to her what the lifestyle center or mall looks like. She just wants to make sure that they have the shops she wants to go to.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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