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Energy Changes in California?

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Almost twenty years ago the people of California took a vote. They voted to close their nuclear power plant. Today there is a group that thinks nuclear energy is a wonderful thing. They want to build a new one. They want to build this one in a different area of California.

There is a man leading the nuclear energy group. He says that a new nuclear power plant would be good. He thinks that the people would benefit by having one. Other people agree with him. They say that Californians should think about using nuclear energy. They believe that it is a clean alternative to using fossil fuels.

Maybe California should be looking for other ways of producing energy. Some groups do not think that nuclear energy is the way to go. Others think it is a good idea.

Trying to use nuclear power in California could be difficult. Right now laws say that new nuclear power facilities can not be built. The federal government will first have to build a place to store spent fuel rods. A man who works for the government is trying to get that changed. He thinks California should give nuclear power another try.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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