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Letters to Santa Reveal Need

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Many letters are written to Santa Claus each year. The letters are addressed to the North Pole. Lots of them are stacking up at post offices.

People who work in one post office are reading the letters. They are looking for letters from needy families. These letters are put in piles with the same zip codes.

Once letters are sorted other people can adopt a child or family to help. People, families, and businesses can choose one or more letters and send gifts to the person or family who wrote it. Most people like to deliver the gifts to the homes, but gifts can also be mailed.

One man who works at the post office said he has seen a lot of letters to Santa come in this year. Many of the letters are asking for clothes.

He also said that the need seems to be greater this time of year. "I've seen more letters come in at the beginning of this holiday season than any other," he said.

A woman chose two letters from children who live near her. She wants to help teach her daughter about the importance of giving to others in need. They will buy gifts for the children who wrote the letters.

Many children and families in need are writing letters to Santa this year. Lots of kind people are getting these letters and trying to help make wishes come true this holiday season.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 Rewrite.)

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