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Earthquake Exhibit at Now Open at State Capitol

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One hundred years ago a tragedy happened in San Francisco. A huge earthquake damaged much of the city. Then a big fire swept through the city. Many buildings burned down. Hundreds of people were killed.

Thousands of people lost their homes. They had to leave the city. They went to another large town. The town welcomed them and gave them shelter. The refugees stayed at rail yards. Special centers were set up to help the people. Trains delivered supplies to the damaged city. These supplies helped the survivors of the earthquake.

A museum about the disaster is open at the State Capitol. Visitors can see many artifacts. They can also watch a movie about the earthquake. Accounts of the disaster will also be told. The museum will stay open for one year.

The people who set up the display say they want to help people remember the earthquake. They also want people to know that it could happen again. Scientists say another large quake will happen near San Francisco. They do not know when.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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