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Program Helps Get Word Out About Missing Children

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Parents in a small city have a new way to help find a missing child. The police in this city want parents to know about a new program. The program is free and could save valuable time looking for a child.

Here is how the program works. The police take a picture of the child with a digital camera. The digital camera saves pictures as a computer file. The computer file is copied onto a floppy disk. The disk is given to the parents to take home. Once parents take the disk home they can add information about their child using their home computer.

If a child does become missing, the parents can quickly send the picture and information that is on the disk to the police using e-mail. It can also be sent to places that help find missing children. Parents can even use the disk to print flyers to help find their child.

Someone who works for the city thought of the new system. A service club gave almost $4,000 to make the system and buy disks.

About 500 parents in the city are using the system. The police would like to make the system bigger and use it to help find old people who get lost too.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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