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Preschool Saves Money

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A new study says that paying for preschool now will save much more money later. The study was done by a corporation. This corporation does not favor any political party.

The study showed that kids who went to a good preschool did better later in school. They also found that these kids did not get in as much trouble. Fewer kids who went to preschool also dropped out of school. The study also showed that they did not commit as many crimes.

Another study showed that kids who went to preschool saved taxpayers’ money. It found that for every dollar spent on preschool, $2.62 was saved later. They also discovered that we can spend less money on special education or students repeating grades if we send our kids to preschool.

A man who makes films is trying to get people to make a law that would tax rich people to pay for preschool programs. A group that does not think this would be fair says that there should be more studies before making such a big tax.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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